Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Time for another Thankful Thursday and this week I want everyone to know how THANKFUL I am for my hubby. He is my rock, my strength, my support and most of all he is my best friend. I am THANKFUL for everything he does for me and the kids. He works long hard hours but I am THANKFUL that he still takes the time to be with the kids and interact with them daily.I am THANKFUL for everything he has provided our family with. I am also THANKFUL that we have such an awesome relationship.

I Love him so much and I am THANKFUL he is a part of my life!

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Thankful Thursday-Week One

I know I am a little late but I think it is a good post, plus I have been working like crazy this week, I have worked about 84 hours since last Friday and I am THANKFUL that I have a job and I will have extra money to go towards Christmas. Since I have been working so much my MIL stayed this week at my house to help with the kids and I am THANKFUL for that. Last Thursday the school nurse called and said she thought Cristian may have a staph infection, I am THANKFUL he did not. I am THANKFUL for my family and friends.

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